Biophilia……what exactly does this mean to you or your business?

One text book explanation to this question is noted as ‘ The love of life and all that is alive’ but how does this translate to use in the contemporary workplace or public building?

Most businesses like to illustrate their ‘Green ethics’ and views on sustainability to both their customers and workforce. Quite simply Biophilia is about grasping what nature provides and what we have learnt from it and making this part of daily life.

The natural beauty of the landscape around us, the joy in planning, creating and maintaining a garden, breathing clean fresh air and enjoying a healthy lifestyle supported by fresh food and exercise are all elements of Biophilia. The list can be expanded hugely as we start to concentrate on our environment, how it is now and how it could be improved, Perhaps as we consider our position we appreciate more and more that living and working in ‘haromony’ is one of life’s priorities.

The effects and benefits of plants in the home and workplace are well documented and from the basics of schoolboy/girl botony to advanced NASA research one element of science cannot be doubted plants boost clean air and can add charm, calm and tranquillity to our surroundings.

This very special finishing touch can be delivered to your office or business premises by the Ian Terry Planter Services team with the burden of maintenance absolved by our rental scheme. You’ll find lots of ideas on this website !

Thank you for looking and happy Biophilia !

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