Plants and the Feel Good Factor

Sad as it maybe, in our tough Commercial World, every penny we spend needs to be justified. Thta’s fine as we all agree that jobs and health come first, however as we begin to pathe our way towards a more stable and sustainable future sometimes we need to be aware that ‘people first’ isn’t such a bad policy and that as we are often reminded the most successful concerns are able to boast of the support from their loal and skilled staff.

This of course needs to be earned and doesn’t happen by chance. Terms and conditions of employment need to be fair and reasonable with employers being sensitive to home/life balance issues and well-being in the workplace.

Particularly in busy ‘call centre’ style office locations the local working environment needs to echo the employers standards and look careful at the comfort, safety and functionality of the furnishings and equipment. Research confirms that our mood can be affected by color, our motivation altered by the pictures and artwork surrounding us and vitally the very air we breathe freshened by the careful placement of foliage plants.

Quite apart from the published facts on selected plants boosting the environment by carefull removing, throughtheir intricate root system, many of the ‘nasty’ toxins found in our offices it has to be said that the visual impact of beautiful foliage mustn’t be underrated!

Gentle soft fronds as seen on the stunning Kentia palm reflect an aura of relaxation and are the perfect addition to any meeting or interview room where occasionally the working environment may be tense. Similarly, the bold tropical colours of the Guzmania add cheer and brightness and are the ideal way to reflect a warm welcome to clients.

Abaove all, living foliage assures your employees that you are sensitive to ‘green culture’ and are concerned that their working environment is a pleasant and healthy one. Sometimes it’s difficult to justify expenditure but perhaps as we work towards financial recovery we should pause for a moment to take stock of what’s around us and put ‘people first’!

For a competitively priced interior landscaping service, contact Ian Terry, Managing Director of Ian Terry Planter Services who without charge (or obligation!) will provide advice and costings on providing the most suitable foliage plants and containers for your chosen location.

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